Bitumen Drum Decanter

Compact Hydraulically Pushing system of Bitumen Drum into insulated Heating Chamber designed for process of heating30 /40 (size 500 M.M. Dia. & 1000 M.M. Lg.)  Bitumen Drum withextrafacility for un-loading Jumbo Bag. Decanter Unit with 6 Lac Kcal/HR capacity of high efficiency Thermic Heater with Bottom Storage Sump (21 M.T.) also facility for Bitumen Filter & Jacketed Bitumen Transfer Pump, fuel storage tank, fabricated inlet & outlet  platform for drum.


  • Production Of 7.5 T.P.H. For Model PHBDBD30 & Production Of 9.5 T.P.H. For Model PHBDBD40
  • Fuel Consumption Of 50 LTR./HR. For Model PHBDBD30 & 60 LTR./HR. For Model PHBDBD40
  • Supply Of High Efficiency Three Pass Latest Designed Thermic Heater
  • High Accuracy Fully Automated Control System With Interlocks For Thermic Pump To Automatic Pressure Jet Burner, Low Level Termic Oil Indicator To Pressure Jet Automatic Burner, High Temperature Sensor Controller To Pressure Jet Automatic Burner & Also With Pressure Switch Controls To Automatic Pressure Jet Burner
  • Imported Sufficient Capacity Automatic Pressure Jet Burner With Less Fuel Consumption & Lesser Pollution Emmission
  • Rigid Steel Structure As Per Is Standard With Standard Quality Material Used  With Periodic Inspection Carried Out During Manufacturing Process
  • Fully Insulated With High Quality Insulated Material For Decanter Chamber To Minimise Heat Loss
  • Standard Accessories Like Inlet & Out Let Insulated Pipe Line For Thermic Oil & Bitumen Filter Assembly With Outlet Pipeline To Feeding Tanker
  • Decanter Chamber Connected With 6/8 Set Hydraulic System With Sufficient Capacity Powerpack Unit Without Any Leakages To Charge Drum In Time Into Decanter & Exits Drum Without Dis-Order Drum Sequence ( Jamming Like) To Other Manufacturer
  • Self Centred Hydraulic Pushing System For Bitumen Drum To Feed In To Decanter Chamber
  • All Assemblies Are Periodically Inspected & Tested Like Air Test/Hydro Test
  •  “Perfect” Decanter Unit Is  Latest Compact Designed From Engineering Software To Operateeasily To Minimise Labour Cost, Breakdown, Less Fuel  Consumption With Higher Production Compared To Any Other Manufacturer